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SPECIAL OFFER: Instagram Strategy Call (75% off)

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$350 Only 87.50

Struggling with Instagram? It can be one of the most frustrating parts of owning a photography business. The algorithm changes, shadow banning, and endless hours spent posting with barely any engagement.

There is no magic bullet or “secret to beat the algorithm,” but we have consistently gained followers and maintained high engagement over the last 5 years by strategically adapting as the platform has changed.

But it’s not just about followers and engagement. It’s about getting high-paying clients who LOVE your work.

Our goal is to help you come up with a strategy to take your Instagram from being an endless blackhole that devours all of your time, to being a marketing tool that brings in ideal clients who are obsessed with your work.

  • 94,000+ Followers And Growing

    Our follower count has hit a "plateau" a few times in the past, but the important thing is that it has never stayed there. Over the last 5+ years, we have been averaging around 1-5% growth every month.

  • Source Of Over 50% Of Our Clients

    Our leads come from all sorts of places - Google, referrals, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, paid ads. But the highest converting leads (and highest paying)? Instagram without a doubt.

  • 100% Organic (no engagement pods, purchased followers, etc.)

    We have NEVER (and will never) purchased followers or likes, joined an engagement pod, or participated in any follow-for-follow events. Our IG following is 100% real and organic.

What will this strategy call include?

  1. We will have you fill out a Pre-Call Questionnaire, so we can review your Instagram and be prepared with recommendations.
  2. The call will be ~45 minutes, depending on how much we need to go over and what questions you have.
  3. After the call, we will send you a customized 21-day strategy plan with specific actionable steps for you to take to grow your Instagram account.
  4. We will be available via text for the following 21 days to answer questions that you have while completing the 3-week strategy plan.
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Only 20 spots available.

Behind the scenes of elopement photographer, Laura Pinckard, photographing a mountaintop wedding

We’ll teach you what we wish we knew earlier in our photography journey

Whether you’re a brand new photographer or a seasoned professional, it’s crucial to always continue your education.

With our years of experience in the wedding and elopement photography industry, we have a combined knowledge that has allowed us to grow our elopement photography into a thriving business, earning well over six figures each year.

But holy shit was it challenging when we first started out 😅. Trying to find a niche… deciding on branding… figuring out our prices… trying to do a million different things ourselves…. One of the biggest mistakes we made was assuming that we could just figure it all out.

We did figure it all out… eventually. But it would have been SO much easier if we had a little help.

So that’s our goal with these mentorship sessions: to teach you everything we wish we knew in our early business days. 

You don't have to figure it all out by yourself

So what does a mentorship session look like?

We'll look at the areas of your photography business where you need the most help

Not everyone needs help in every area of their business, which is why we have everyone fill out a questionnaire in order to talk about the things most important to you and your business.

We’ll review it before the mentorship session, ask for more info if needed, and be prepared to give you custom-tailored advice for your specific needs.

Wether you want to grow on social media, discover your niche, find your editing style, book more clients, or just need help getting your business started, we will gladly help you take the steps needed in your photography business!

We want to see you thrive and be confident in yourself and your business

Behind the scenes of a Laura photographing an elopement

Sound like what you need to grow as a photographer & business owner?

Mentorship session options

Every photographer learns differently, so we want to mentor in a way that will help you the most.

In-person mentorship at our studio

in queensbury, ny


If you learn best in-person, you can come into our studio in Queensbury, NY and enjoy a cup of coffee while we sit together and go over your business. We’ll even throw in a free headshot for your website and social media at the end of your session. 

In-person mentorship where you live

we'll travel to you

prices vary

Show us your favorite local coffee shop! From how we edit, to how we grew our social media following, we can educate you in whatever areas you feel like you need to grow. Prices vary based on your location. 

Skype call Mentorship session

don't worry, we're awkward on video calls too


 If you want to see our cutie faces 😉 we can hop on a Skype call and help you in the areas that you need the most help. We’ll chat for an hour, use screen sharing, and cover as much ground as we can to help your business grow.

Portfolio building + shooting session

we'll find models and set up a styled shoot for you

starting at $1250

We will guide you on posing, camera settings, etc. to make sure you know exactly what you want to do at your next session. You will be able to use the photos for your portfolio & social media to help you book your dream clients and sessions.  

Ongoing mentorship + coaching

Monthly mentorship sessions for consistency + accountability


 Your business will not grow to where you want it to be overnight. It takes hard work, but more importantly, smart work. If you want the guidance and accountability that comes with regular, ongoing coaching, we are happy to help. Ongoing coaching is a commitment to at least 3 months of monthly Skype calls (or in-person meetings), where we’ll give you action items, follow up to see how you’re implementing them, and watch together as your business grows exponentially.

Which mentorship option is right for you?

About us

We are Laura and Dan Pinckard (@thepinckards on IG). We’ve been doing photography together since we got married in 2016 and have loved every second of it. If you don’t follow us on IG, go do it!

Laura initially started our business on her own (it used to be called “Laura Pinckard LLC”), and Dan helped with business/marketing stuff in his spare time while working for a non-profit in marketing and fundraising. After a couple years, Dan joined full-time as the second shooter and to do all of the administrative and marketing work. Laura is still the lead photographer and spends most of her time editing, while asking Dan to reheat her coffee every 15 minutes.

We both have unique skills that help our business continue to grow, and more importantly, skills that can help you learn how to grow your business. Laura can help with the creative side – editing, finding your niche, social media. Dan can help with the business side: SEO, advertising, website strategy, etc.

Want to learn from us? Book a mentorship session!

Laura Pinckard

Dan Pinckard

If your photography business doesn’t grow, we’ll buy you a brand new lens.

Say what?!

We’re so confident that we’ll be able to help you, we’re offering a crazy guarantee. If you do 3 or more mentorship sessions with us, apply our recommendations in a timely manner, and you haven’t still seen any improvement in your business, we will buy you a brand new lens.

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