Worldwide Destination Elopements

This is your excuse to travel somewhere you've always dreamt of going

Where will we be traveling?

These are the locations on our Adventurous Destination Elopement travel agenda for 2023-2024. If you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime elopement experience in an epic destination, reach out to us about booking in one of these beautiful locations.

Meaningful, intimate elopement ceremony with bride crying while groom reads his vows

Our 2023-2024 International travel plans

Plan your destination elopement in one of these epic locations

Norway/Sweden - August 13-26, 2023

Greece - November 9-20, 2023

Thailand - February 10-17, 2024

Iceland - TBD

Czech Republic - TBD

Italy, Switzerland, Austria - August 6-23, 2024

N. Ireland/Scotland - October 22 - November 5

Mountaintop wedding in the ADKs

You deserve an elopement experience that reflects...

  • THE MAGNITUDE of your commitment to each other
  • THE LIFESTYLE you want to live together
  • MEMORIES that are just the beginning of an amazing life together

So why not do it in an epic destination?

We'll help you have an elopement that you'll never forget

in a place you've always wanted to visit

Imagine an intimate, meaningful ceremony on a sailboat off the coast of Greece. Or reading your vows with the Swiss Alps towering over you. Or exchanging your rings while overlooking epic Norwegian Fjords.

Plus, if you book your elopement for the dates we’re in these destinations, you’ll save thousands of dollars.

Destination elopement overseas in Saint Lucia

Nice to meet you...

we're dan + Laura

Consider us your personal elopement experts (who are also incredible with a camera). 

When someone asks us what we do, we say “Oh, we’re photographers!”

…but that’s not really the full truth.

Our jobs are to make sure you have a wedding day that is better than you could have imagined. More adventurous, more memory-filled, more meaningful, and more YOU.

But it’s more than a job – it’s our passion.

We didn’t have the elopement that we wish we had 6+ years ago, and we definitely didn’t get the photos that we wanted.

But if we can help you have those things, that makes us feel a little bit better, because we know how it feels to miss out on that experience.

The Pinckards, professional elopement photographers in the Adirondacks of upstate New York on Mount Jo

way more than just photographers


...and document the moments as they unfold.

If you forced us to put a percentage to it, photography probably only accounts for about 30-40% of what we do. Our job is SO much more than just photos.

Here is just a small list of everything we do to ensure that your day is amazing ->

  • Have a stress-free experience planning the best day of your life

    Locations, lodging, permits, timeline, ceremony, vendors... We do everything we can to make it all as easy as possible for you.

  • Have a meaningful, intimate ceremony that reflects your relationship

    You can say your vows privately (while we capture it from a distance) or have us officiate a meaningful ceremony crafted just for you.

  • Have the adventure of a lifetime in your favorite location

    Whether you want to read your vows on a 5,000' summit, in the middle of a desert, or on a boat off the shore of Greece... we'll help you pick a location that has everything you want.

  • Have a blast with photographers who care SO MUCH

    Just an FYI, we WILL be shamelessly cheering after your first kiss. Whether you have guests with you or not, you can count on us being 100% supportive of you doing YOUR wedding YOUR way.

And those are just the things we "officially" do...

Here are some other things that we ACTUALLY do at elopements:

  • Helping to carry extra gear (backpacks, garment bags, etc.) to make the hike easier for you.
  • Scouting out locations beforehand to find the BEST spots for photos.
  • Keeping you warm by pre-heating hand warmers, giving you an extra pair of socks, and sharing our coats.
  • Helping you into your dress in our pop-up changing tent on the summit.
  • Tying your tie and pinning your boutonniere.
  • Making coffee (instant coffee tastes 10x better at 5,000ft) and sharing our snacks on the summit.

...because the photos are only as good as the day that they capture

Don't take our word for it, though.

What our clients say...


Laura and Dan made our elopement incredibly memorable.

They were professional and easy to communicate with from our first email. They were very thoughtful in helping us brainstorm the day, provided suggestions for location, time table, and it was convenient that Dan is ordained to legally marry couples! Not to mention, their artistic lens is one-of-a-kind. Working with the Pinckards has given us memories to last a lifetime.”


“Dan and Laura were hands down the easiest and BEST decision while planning our elopement.

 They are both a dream to work with, and are all around wonderful. We can’t begin to express how great our experience was with Laura and Dan. They are both very personable, professional, kind, and truly care about your vision, while not being afraid to step in as an advocate so others don’t dampen your day. 

The quality and style of their photos is beyond incredible, and they make it such an enjoyable time. On the day of our ceremony, they willingly drove around randomly to find the perfect places for photos (which turned out absolutely stunning!), had the best ideas and poses, and never rushed us. They really listened and cared, and we could not be happier with the end results!”


The Pinckards were AMAZING in every way!!

I was so nervous to elope due to what my family would think and I also have always been shy behind a camera my whole life but they made everything feel so comfortable and natural. They reminded us it’s our day and all about us! And the pictures came out so beautiful I still tear up looking at them!”


but are the pictures the best part?

well, that's for you to decide.

Ready to start planning your destination elopement?

Don't worry, you don't need all of the details figured out just yet... we'll help you with that.

We can answer any questions you might have (even the ones you haven’t thought of yet!) and start crafting the perfect destination elopement for you.

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