Create ART that you're proud of.

Art that makes you stand out to clients. Art that inspires.

Learn how to make double exposures in photoshop

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Do you feel stuck in an editing rut?

like your sessions are full of the same exact
pictures every. single. time?

Every photographer goes through that at some point. We hit a plateau, struggle to come up with new ideas, wish we could do something more creative “like that other photographer on Instagram.”

You're not alone.

But you have the ability to overcome that and be the photographer who pushes the boundaries, inspires others, and creates art that you're proud of.

Double exposure wedding photo made in photoshop with hands over the couple's head

Don't let that plateau keep you from enjoying photography

you CAN create art that you love + that your clients love

Elopement overlooking the Lake Placid, NY area

Double Exposures helped us escape the creative "rut"

4 years ago, I (Laura) was in a creative rut. 

Unlike many photographers, I didn’t really struggle with an editing style or finding the perfect preset. But I felt like I was on autopilot.

When I sat down to edit a session, it felt like déjà vu. 

The poses, the locations, the editing – it all felt the same for every session. I felt dread opening Lightroom, and I procrastinated a LOT. Dan said I should outsource my editing, but I’m too picky to do that.

So I decided to break out of my editing comfort zone & try to get creative.

I started experimenting in Photoshop and made my first Double Exposure. I loved it. 

I was thrilled that I had new inspiration that made editing fun again. I felt like I became an artist again.

I felt like I became an artist again.

Did we invent double exposures? No, of course not.

Double exposures have been around longer than DSLR's

But by expanding our creativity & experimenting in Photoshop, we rediscovered our passion for photography

We were proud to post on Instagram again. And couples started to notice. We booked more weddings, elopements, and couples shoots.

Double exposures were a game-changer for us as artists AND business-owners.

And this mini-course will show you how to make them

it won't MAKE you an artist, but hopefully it will fuel your creative passion just like it did for us

what does the course look like?

  • Unlimited & indefinite access to the course content

    You'll have access to this course indefinitely. Want to come back and review the material down the road? Go right ahead. We obviously can't promise that it will still be around 25 years from now, but as long as the course still exists, you'll have access to it.

  • Video based course - watch at your own pace!

    This course will NOT take you hours upon hours to finish, but still... no need to rush it. You can work your way through the videos as quickly or as slowly as you'd like. As a matter of fact, we'd encourage you to practice each double exposure before moving onto the next one.

  • Discuss the videos in the comments!

    There is a discussion section under most of the videos in this course. Have a question? Ask it there, and we'll answer it where everyone can learn from it!

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