Gear / Equipment for photographers

Looking for gear recommendations? Here are some of our suggestions!

Table of Contents

Cameras + lenses

The Nikon Z9 is the best mirrorless camera that Nikon offers right now.

The nifty fifty is a super versatile lens. 50mm is a great focal length for portraits & wedding ceremonies.

The 35mm is our favorite lens for indoors, because the focal length is great for tighter spaces & wide aperture is perfect for low lighting.

This is probably our most-used lens! Being able to zoom between 24-70mm is super useful, especially during high-intensity shoots like weddings and proposals.

The 70-200mm is SUCH a fun lens to use. A longer focal length compresses your foreground/background, which looks amazing when shooting in beautiful landscapes.

The Nikon Z5 is a great place to start if you’re just getting into photography. This camera is definitely good enough to start charging for your services once you have some experience under your belt.

Other photography gear

These universal lens covers have been a life-saver recently! We always lose lens caps, so it’s nice to have some that fit any of our lenses.

We have a couple of these backpacks, and they’ve held up really well for over a year! I love that they don’t have a million different compartments like some backpacks do.

This Geekoto carbon fiber tripod is our go-to for all of our self portraits & slow-shutter pictures.

Lighting Equipment

This is our primary light for in-studio sessions! We pair it with a 65″ reflector/diffuser, which makes the light super soft.

This umbrella reflector is super easy to set up, and it makes the light is SO soft.

We use a heaver duty c-stand instead of the lightweight light stands because of the weight of the strobe & size of the umbrella. We also bought wheels for this c-stand to be able to move it around easily!