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Consistency in customer service is essential to a business that wants to create raving fans who have an amazing experience EVERY time. One of the best ways to do that is to have an email/workflow timeline with templates that you personalize for each client.

The goal of these templates is not for you to have emails that are 100% ready to send out, but to give you the framework that has been very effective for us, helping us to book at a high rate, avoid getting ghosted, and provide an excellent experience.

What's included - this is the table of contents:

Intro, Tips, Instructions 2

How to use these templates 2

Tips for effective emails 2

Inquiry Response 3

Initial Reply 3

Follow-up #1 (no response) 5

Follow-up #2 (no response) 6

Follow-up #3 (no response) 7

Pre-booking 8

Phone Call 8

Sending A Quote 9

Quote Follow-up 1 10

Quote Follow-up 2 10

Post-booking 11

Confirmation / What To Expect Next 11

9-Month Check-in 12

6-Month Check-in 13

3-Month Check-in 14

1-Month Check-in 15

1-Week Confirmation 16

Post-Wedding 17

Thank-You + Gallery Details 17

Sneak Peek Delivery 18

Review Request 19

Gallery Delivery 20

Referral Request (with gift) 21


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