Sydney + Brian’s Mountaintop Elopement in Lake Placid, NY

Sydney + Brian's elopement / micro wedding in Lake Placid, NY

We had an unforgettable adventure with Sydney + Brian for their mountaintop elopement in Lake Placid, NY.

At about 3am, we left our house to meet them at the trailhead. It was pitch black outside, so we all put on headlamps to start the ascent. It wasn’t a challenging hike, but it still took about an hour to reach the top.

At the summit, Sydney and Brian used our pop-up changing tent to get into their wedding clothes. The sun hadn’t broken the horizon yet, so it was blue hour when we started taking their elopement photos.

Capturing lantern photos during blue hour gives such a moody and romantic vibe, which we’re obsessed with. As the sun rose, we continued to capture their love with the beauty of the ADK high peaks surrounding us.

After finishing with photos on the mountain, we hiked back down, and Sydney + Brian changed into different wedding clothes for their lakeside ceremony with family. We also went to a picturesque field to take a few more shots and give a little more variety for their elopement photos.

It truly was a joy to be a part of their special day. Mountaintop elopements like this one really showcase the beauty of the Adirondacks & Lake Placid area, and there’s nothing we’d want to do more.

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