Have a wedding day that feels authentic

What is an elopement?

the word "elopement" doesn't mean what it used to.

It’s no longer about running away & getting married in secret. Today, eloping is about having a wedding day that isn’t focused on all of the traditional frills of a full-sized wedding that distract from what really matters – marrying the love of your life. Eloping is about getting married in a way that reflects your relationship, in a way that makes you happy, in a place that is meaningful to you.

Your elopement can be whatever you want it to be

It doesn’t have to be you and your fianc√© taking last-minute flights to Las Vegas. Here are a few of the endless possibilities: 

  • Having a quick, laid back ceremony in a cute Airbnb with just your parents & best friends
  • Spending all day hiking the tallest mountain in New York & reading personal vows to each other on the summit
  • Going on a road trip for photos at your favorite locations, reading portions of your vows at each one
  • Having a short, traditional ceremony with your families, followed by an adventurous hike for photos & personal vows