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How to get married on Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks

Whiteface Mountain is one of the most beautiful – and accessible – summits in the Adirondacks, making it a perfect location for your wedding or elopement. It has a highway that you can drive up, an elevator that takes you to the summit, and stunning views of the surrounding ADK high peaks.

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But how do you get married on top of Whiteface Mountain? Here are the details:

About whiteface mountain

Whiteface, commonly referred to as the greatest vertical east of the Rockies, is one of 46 high peaks (mountains approximately 4,000’+ tall) in the Adirondacks. It is the fifth highest summit in New York, boasting 4,867 feet of elevation.

The mountain is located in the Wilmington, NY area and has an iconic view of Lake Placid. On clear days, you can also see the skyline of Montreal. However, its view isn’t the only thing that makes this peak so attractive to people visiting the ADKs. In the early 1900’s, Teddy D Roosevelt began construction on a road that would enable visitors to drive almost all the way up the mountain.

In 1936, Veterans Memorial Highway opened, making Whiteface the only mountain in the area that you can drive up. Not only can you take a vehicle up the majority of the mountain, but there is also a handicap accessible elevator that will take you from the parking lot to the summit.

While some people might not appreciate the tourism that the highway has brought to the summit, there’s no denying that Whiteface Mountain is the most accessible out of all 46 high peaks. It has given people who may not have the physical ability to hike up a 4,000′ mountain the ability to experience the majestic views that these mountains have to offer.

Why Whiteface Is A Great Location to get married

If you’re getting married, Whiteface is a great choice for your wedding photos, or even as a location for a mountaintop ceremony.

The views alone are enough of a reason to choose this as a place to say “I Do,” but what really set it apart is how easy it is to access. There aren’t many other places as beautiful as Whiteface, where you can get such epic scenery without putting in quite a bit of effort hiking for mile and miles.

The accessibility of this mountain makes it possible for non-hikers to experience such a special time in their lives in an incredibly beautiful location. Even if you are athletic and enjoy hiking, having your ceremony at the top of Whiteface Mountain enables your closest family and friends to join you in celebrating this milestone in your relationship.

Between the highway and the handicap accessible elevator, it is worth the investment to get married on Whiteface Mt, so you and your loved ones can enjoy such a one-of-a-kind experience.

How much does it cost to get married on whiteface Mt?

We were given Whiteface Mountain’s current prices for 2024, but they may be higher in 2025. As of this article, the price to have a wedding ceremony on the mountain ranges from $650 to $4,500, not including guest admission prices ($10/person).

Several factors impact the price, including the number of guests you will have at your ceremony, the day of the week that you choose to get married, and the time of day when your wedding will take place.

To some couples, this feels like a relatively steep price to pay for using a public space for a short amount of time, but in comparison to wedding venue prices, it is reasonable. That being said, if you would love to get pictures on Whiteface Mountain but don’t want to pay those prices, there is currently no fee for photography on the summit while it is open to the public. You can still head up the mountain, just the two of you and your photographer, to get wedding portraits with the epic views.

How Eloping On Whiteface Mt Works

Recent policy changes for weddings on Whiteface

People have been getting married on the summit for decades, but things have changed a little bit since the pandemic shut things down in 2020. There used to be clear information on how to get married on the mountain, but that hasn’t been the case for the past few years.

For example, after the summit reopened to visitors in 2021, it essentially became a free-for-all for couples to elope on Whiteface. There were no reservations, fees, or staff members coordinating weddings. However, that also meant that there was little-to-no communication about how to approach a ceremony (or photos) on the mountain.

Last year, though, information spread by word of mouth that there was a new contact person who would be coordinating weddings and elopements there. We reached out to get accurate information, and the sales representative shared more about how it will work moving forward.

Getting married on the mountain in 2024

When you can get married on the mountain

Veteran’s Memorial Highway is only open from around May 20th to October 10th (dates might not be exact, as it is a little different year to year). Technically, you can still get married at certain spots even during the off season – little Whiteface via the Cloudsplitter Gondola for example – but you will be limited to the warmer months if you want to drive up the mountain.

When the highway is open, you are still limited to certain hours. The normal hours of operation are 8:45am-5:30pm, but you can pay an extra $500 to get married right before or right after the highway is open to the public. The added cost is definitely worth it, because you get much more privacy and better lighting for photos.

Making reservations

You will need to make a reservation with Whiteface Mountain to actually get married on the summit. While the number of ceremonies that they will allow per day is uncertain, it’s best to secure your date and time as soon as possible to ensure that it is available. The mountain is very popular for weddings and elopements, so dates can be limited, especially in the early fall season.

Other details

According to Whiteface’s current pricing sheet, the following is also included when you book your wedding ceremony on the mountain:

  • A backup location in the Cloudspin Bar & Grill in case of inclement weather
  • Consultation with their wedding coordinator
  • Chairs for guests if needed

Wedding Pictures on Whiteface Mountain

If you’re trying to decide if Whiteface Mountain is a good option for your wedding or elopement, it probably will be helpful to visualize it. Here are a few pictures of couples who have gotten married on the summit:

If you’d like to see more of our photography, here is a link to a full elopement gallery that you can check out. This elopement was not on Whiteface, but it can give you an idea of what eloping with us looks like (for more info about working with us, click here).

Other Accessible locations for weddings in the adks

If Whiteface Mountain is already booked on the date you’re getting married, here are some other options that you can consider:

Marcy Field in Keene, NY

Marcy Field is an iconic spot on Route 73 with beautiful views of the ADK high peaks. It’s a very large flat field, so it works really well for wedding ceremonies, especially if you have guests who can’t handle rugged terrain.

The town of Keene owns the field and charges $1,000 for non-residents to use it for a ceremony.

Scotts Cobble Mountain

Experience Outdoors in Lake Placid, NY hosts weddings on Scotts Cobble Mountain, where they actually transport guests on ATVs to one of three ceremony spots. They can fit up to approximately 50 guests at the largest spot, and they also have a large tent as a rain backup.

The cost to get married with Experience Outdoors was $3,000 in 2022, but for current prices you will need to contact them.

Lake Placid Lodge

The Lake Placid Lodge is a beautiful resort right on Lake Placid. The lodge has several different ceremony locations, great lodging and dining, and is an incredible location for a small-to-medium sized wedding or elopement.

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